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Making Slides is the peak of the Excel to Powerpoint automation

SlideFab 2 can start the slide automation after linking Powerpoint shapes with Excel. Even without an iteration loop SlideFab 2 can start: When no iteration loop is specified, it will create each template slides just once. So in the Slide Making window the only thing required is to press Start. SlideFab will start the process. When it is finished, the created presentation can be opened.

If an iteration loop is specified, SlideFab can also give a preview when Run current Loop Master Cell only is checked. In this case the slide making will start with whatever is in the Loop Master Cell.

While the slide making process is running, the progress will be visualized. In the Output Preview the most recently created slide will be visualized. All other created slides will be shown below.

As soon as the slide making is finished, the created output presentation can be opened. SlideFab creates a log a file as which can help to determine and solve potential issues.

SlideFab 2 Manual Outline