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Free download of SlideFab 2! Mass produce PowerPoint slides from Excel!

The SlideFab 2 ribbon in Powerpoint
SlideFab tab within the PowerPoint ribbon

Prior to the download, please note: SlideFab exists in three versions available depending on the licensing scheme:

  1. Lite: This is the default mode and you can start for free without any hurdles
  2. Flex: This is for a monthly license
  3. Saver: This is for a yearly license

To upgrade lite into flex / saver just enter the license key within SlideFab 2. If SlideFab 2 has no valid license available, it will automatically run in lite-mode. To learn more about licenses and pricing follow this link.

Technically they are all the same. And so is the free download for SlideFab 2 all the same.

SlideFab 2 Automatic Installer free download

The Automatic Installer is fine for most users. Fortunately, it requires only a few clicks and less than a minute to install.

IMPORTANT STEP FOR INSTALLATION: Make sure that you right click the downloaded msi file, go to properties. Then mark the box saying “Unblock”.

After installing you will find SlideFab 2 within the PowerPoint ribbon in its own tab.

Installing SlideFab 2 with the Automatic Installer

SlideFab 2 Batch Installer free download

The Batch Installer is an alternative to the Automatic Installer. It is also very fast and handy. But it looks a little bit like we are back in the 80s. Fortunately, with the Batch Installer there won’t be any false alarm from an Antivirus software. And even better: You can even install SlideFab 2 without elevation / admin rights. So, no IT guys need to be involved. The installer does not touch any critical areas.

IMPORTANT STEP FOR INSTALLATION: Make sure that you right click the downloaded zip file, go to properties. Then mark the box saying “Unblock”. Afterwards extract the zip file before running install.bat.

After installing you will find SlideFab 2 within the PowerPoint ribbon in its own tab.

Installing SlideFab 2 with the Batch Installer

SlideFab is compatible with Microsoft Office for Microsoft Windows

Technically, SlideFab relies upon the powerful .NET-framework. This is available for Windows only. Accordingly, there is no Mac version and also no online version available. There are also no plans to provide such versions.

SlideFab runs smoothly with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint 2013, 2016, 2019 and 365. With the 2010 version there are various issues now and then. But in general it works. Not surprisingly, older (ancient) versions like 2003 and 2007 do not work.

Whether your version is supported, is easy to test: Go ahead, download SlideFab 2 and find out yourself! All functionality is available in the free Lite version. So, this ain’t no pig in a poke.

It is called “Lite” but it is still highly powerful!

SlideFab 2 lite is limited to automate only two shapes per slide. Never the less, it is the most comprehensive tool to automatically mass-create Powerpoint slides.

Based on an intuitive user interface it allows to setup the automation easily. Consequently, writing macros to create Powerpoint slides from Excel is not required anymore. This helps users with decent skills in Excel and Powerpoint to achieve results in shorter time with less errors. Basically, if a user knows how to use a VLOOKUP, using SlideFab 2 will be piece of cake.

But it is true: Stronger Excel skills will help for sure. This is why plenty of illustrative videos and example files are available as starting point for novices.

SlideFab 2 Lite is available for free. It provides 100% feature transparency. For some projects this free version is more than enough

SlideFab 2 lite comes for free.

Consequently, anybody can download it and find out whether it suits the needs. For simpler automation tasks the lite version will be sufficient: There is a reason why 2 shapes per slide can be automated with SlideFab 2 lite. This limitation perfectly suits a dynamic header, based on a formula and some main content. This could be a table or an image or a chart, for example. With this it is possible to solve real world problems – at no cost.

In case of questions or issues, feel free to reach out.

Uninstalling SlideFab 2

To remove SlideFab 2 from the computer needs one of the following ways:

  1. When installed through the Automatic Installer: Uninstall SlideFab via the Windows Control Panel and the “Add or Remove Programs” feature!
  2. When installed through the Batch Installer: Run the uninstall.bat which comes in the zip file!

Both approaches will remove the SlideFab program files and the registry entries.