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As a side note: When SlideFab 2 lite is installed it can be upgraded into flex / saver just by adding the license key. In other words: Whenever SlideFab 2 has no valid license available, it will automatically run in lite-mode.


Need to get started? Watch a video tutorial and download the example file!

Likert Charts mass creation in Powerpoint using Excel and SlideFab 2

There are plenty of ways to visualize results from surveys and benchmarks. A classical one is a line plot of the Likert scale (i.e. Likert chart / plot). While it is a great chart type, it is a pity that Excel does not offer it out of the box. There are manuals on the internet […]

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Using Linked Charts to automatically create Excel-powered Powerpoint slides faster than ever

Automatically creating more than 200 Powerpoint slides with dynamic title and chart in 5 minutes for free? Learn how this works using SlideFab 2 lite with linked charts in this blog post. In this video the new Linked Chart Export Mode of SlideFab 2 v1.5 will be shown. The new version allows it copy a chart […]

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Automatically creating Category Trees in Powerpoint from Excel with SlideFab 2

This SlideFab 2 video shows how to create Category Trees automatically. A Category Tree is a structured visualization of corporate spend. It serves for quickly showing where most money goes in terms of categories, sub categories, suppliers and countries. This example uses various advanced SlideFab 2 features: E.g. slide loops, slide sort order and VBA code […]

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How to easily automate creating slides with a Powerpoint chart from Excel

UPDATE: Check out an even simpler and faster way to automate this example using linked charts based on the new SlideFab 2 v1.5. Never the less, the approach below is still valid.   This video is based on a scenario where lots of data in Excel is used to create numerous slides with each having […]

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Table spreading across slides

This video is based on a scenario where a table with 1,000 rows in an Excel table shall be brought to Powerpoint. As 1,000 rows are way too much for a single slide, the table shall be spread across multiple slides. Let's call this Table Spreading. In this video the Slide Loop feature will be […]

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Loop Condition Example

This video is based on the "Hello World" example and and incorporates a loop condition. The loop condition can be used to not create slides, if it does not evaluate to true. In this example the loop condition is used, to leave out every second slide. So instead of all 6 slides of the "Hello […]

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Output File Decomposition Example

This video is based on the "Hello World" example and goes one step further. This example is about output file decomposition. While the original example created 1 presentation containing 6 output slides (1 slide per loop), this video shows one output file can be created per loop (so 6 files with 1 slide each). When […]

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Hello World Example

This brief video shows how to create a Hello World project with SlideFab 2. It will be explained how an Excel workbook can be set up and linked with Powerpoint such that multiple slides with different "Hello World" titles are created through SlideFab automatically.   The example in this video keeps things very simple as […]

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