SlideFab 2 lite download. Mass-create PowerPoint slides from Excel

As a side note: When SlideFab 2 lite is installed it can be upgraded into flex / saver just by adding the license key. In other words: Whenever SlideFab 2 has no valid license available, it will automatically run in lite-mode.

It is called “lite” but it is still highly powerful!

SlideFab 2 lite is limited to automate only two shapes per slide. Never the less it is the most comprehensive tool to automatically mass-create Powerpoint slides. Based on an intuitive user interface it allows to setup the automation easily. Writing macros to create Powerpoint slides from Excel is not required anymore. This helps users with decent skills in Excel and Powerpoint to achieve results in shorter time with less errors. If a user knows how to use a VLOOKUP, using SlideFab 2 will be piece of cake. But it is true: Stronger Excel skills will help for sure. This is why plenty of illustrative videos and example files are available as starting point for novices.

There is a reason why SlideFab 2 lite comes for free

SlideFab 2 lite is offered for free. Consequently, anybody can download it and find out whether it suits the needs. For simpler automation tasks the lite version will be sufficient: There is a reason why 2 shapes per slide can be automated with SlideFab 2 lite: This perfectly suits a dynamic header, based on a formula and some main content. This could be a table or an image or a chart or whatever. With this it is possible to solve real world problems – at no cost. Anyway, in case of questions, feel free to reach out.

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