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Linked Chart Export Mode

The Linked Chart Export Mode is a very convenient way to automate PowerPoint charts from Excel with SlideFab. It uses the built-in Excel and PowerPoint functionality to keep the charts linked. All SlideFab does is to make sure that the data remains stable in the output slide by breaking the link. However, there is one caveat: Once the link is broken, the chart style can still be edited but not its data.

What it does

Export Mode Linked Chart Settings

SlideFab will detect embedded Excel charts in the PowerPoint template. Instead of showing the field to select the Excel Source Range, it only gives the option to break the link to Excel. This checkbox is ticked by default. It makes sure that the linked charts in the created output presentation do not update when the linked chart in Excel changes.

What it expects from PowerPoint and Excel

Basically, the only requirement is that the Excel chart is copied and pasted as linked chart to PowerPoint.

Export Mode Linked Chart Excel Source

That a chart in PowerPoint is linked to Excel can be seen in the Chart Design tab where the Refresh Data button becomes visible.

Export Mode Linked Chart Target

SlideFab 2 Manual Outline