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Linking PowerPoint presentations with Excel workbooks

SlideFab ribbon button to connect the PowerPoint presentation with an Excel workbook

Connecting a PowerPoint presentation with Excel through SlideFab requires not much: With an open presentation the ribbon button showing “Excel: Ready” provides several approach:

  1. “Select and open Excel file” will show the open file window from which an Excel file can be selected.
  2. “Open Excel file” will open an Excel file which is already known for this presentation.
  3. “Try to use currently open Excel workbook” tries to find a running instance of Excel and connect the presentation with the active workbook.

The icon in the ribbon can be clicked as well. It will try to an already known file and offer the file selection window alternately.

Once the connection between Excel and PowerPoint is set up, SlideFab will align the windows of Excel and PowerPoint side by side.

SlideFab 2 Manual Outline