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Indirect Shape Export Mode

A quite special way to connect Excel with PowerPoint represents the Indirect Shape Export Mode. Based on a formula, it can copy any kind of shape, e.g. WordArt, Charts, Images from Excel to PowerPoint and adjust its position and size.

What it does

Export Mode Indirect Shape Preferences

SlideFab will copy a shape from Excel to PowerPoint as picture. The interesting part here is how this shape is addressed. It is not hard-wired. Instead its address consisting of the sheet name and shape name will be used. Consequently, the selection of shapes can be dynamic when its address is calculated through a formula.

Additionally, it is possible to use the resizing and alignment features of SlideFab. It is possible to keep the aspect ratio, fit it to the target shape and to tie it vertically/horizontally to the target shape height/width. If it is not fitted to the target shape, then it can be horizontally and vertically aligned to the edges of the target shape.

What it expects from Excel

In Excel the shape address needs to be put into a cell and linked as Excel Source Range. The Address has the format of ‘Sheet Name’!Chart Name.

Export Mode Indirect Shape Excel Source

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