mass create
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SlideFab 2

Driving Artificial Intelligence and Robot Process Automation? Good!

But don't forget the low-hanging fruits:
Save time and money through Excel to Powerpoint automation everyday!
Stop wasting your time coding VBA


SlideFab makes sense. Not only because of the following three reasons ...

Save time and money!

Are you or your team spending way too much time with creating similar Powerpoint slides again and again? Then there is a case for SlideFab 2: Create slides faster! Reach the breakeven point rapidly! Make better use of your human resources!

Raise output quality!

When Powerpoint slides need to be created or updated with new data on an ongoing basis, then there is room for mistakes. An automation through SlideFab 2 creates reproducibility. This helps to raise output quality and reduce errors.

Get more faster!

Through automation SlideFab 2 allows to create slides fast and cheaply. Thus, plenty of perspective can be visualized on slides which otherwise would remain hidden due to the extra effort.


Automatically mass producing Powerpoint slides based on Excel data has never been easier!

Linking your Powerpoint shapes to Excel

Basically, to connect Powerpoint with Excel, there are only three steps required:

  1. Select a Powerpoint shape
  2. Choose the Excel range
  3. Click the SlideFab crosshair

Easy, isn't it?! Creating a "Hello World" project takes less than two minutes.

Defining the iteration loop

One of the concepts in SlideFab 2 is that the same template slides can be created with different data over and over again. Therefor, SlideFab 2 needs to know two things:

  1. What cell in Excel defines the current loop? This is called the "Loop Master Cell".
  2. In what Excel range are the entries to repeat? This is called the "Loop Candidates Range".

Define these two and the software will create you as many slides and presentations as you wish.

Start the fabrication

With the links being set up between Powerpoint shapes and Excel ranges and also with the iteration loop in place, it is now time to make some slides.



SlideFab provides cool features and nifty functions... but arguably the best is that it gives you power

Screenshot showing all SlideFab panels and slide making window
SlideFab automates them all

Any special requirements for automation? Well, SlideFab knows them all: It can take a screenshot from Excel, import image files dynamically, fill and conditionally color text boxes and tables based on Excel ranges and so on. When you click a Powerpoint shape, it provides compatible export options. All you need to do is to select the Excel range containing the desired content.

As intelligent as you like

When SlideFab links Powerpoint with Excel, it is automatically utilizing named ranges and Excel tables if possible. This gives the automation settings an extra level of robustness to further Excel changes down the road.

Export Modes
SlideFab can export texts or tables, copy screenshots, charts, think-cell charts etc. from Excel to Powerpoint

SlideFab can automatically create segments between iteration loop slides

Intelligent referencing

SlideFab uses Excel named ranges and tables to robustly reference ranges

Helpful referencing

SlideFab offers autocomplete to quickly refer to named ranges and table columns

Ignore hidden slides

SlideFab can optionally exclude hidden slides during slide making

Practical window alignment

SlideFab aligns Excel next to Powerpoint for easier setup


SlideFab is available in English and German (at this time)

Insightful output preview

While making slides, SlideFab previews how the output will look like

Vigilant checks

SlideFab checks user input for correctness to alert mistakes early

Focused on UX

SlideFab was built for great user experience. Simple processes on top of helpful user interfaces 

SlideFab works in all industries across all business functions

so here a few examples on what you can do with SlideFab

Monthly Reporting

SlideFab can be used for financial reporting where Powerpoint presentations need to be created on a regular basisDo you need to compile monthly financial reports and forecasts into a set of slides for each country separately? SlideFab can help you with this.

Just create your Excel calculation which gathers the numbers. The data might be drawn from multiple ERP systems. Then set up the report template in Powerpoint. Afterwards link Powerpoint with Excel. Finally, let SlideFab know that it needs to produce one slide per country.

Now in every month: Just update the numbers and automatically create tens of country-specific reports for you within minutes.


Supply Chain Optimization

SlideFab can be used to bring results from supply-chain optimization scenarios to Powerpoint slides automaticallyDid you recently check your inventories or destruction costs? Well, if you did, then maybe you just found out that it got time to optimize your supply chain.

Of course, for such an endeavor plenty of parameter combinations have to be considered. Often the limiting factors when discussing scenarios is the urge to bring scenario results to digestible Powerpoint slides for C-level meetings.

Fortunately, this is a situation where SlideFab is of great help as it can produce these kind of slides for C-level meetings automatically. No matter whether you want to visualize through charts, tables, heat maps or something else.



Customer Specific Price Lists and Offers

SlideFab can be used to batch created many price lists automaticallyWhere should be your sales agents in the best case? Of course, taking care of customers, creating sales. However, if your rainmakers happen to sit in the office creating customized offers too often, then it's time to jump in.

Frequently, offers need to be calculated in Excel. And then numbers and names have to be copied and pasted over to Powerpoint. This is not only a tedious waste of time, it might also be embarrassing. Potentially this might be harmful for your business: Imagine when at some point the last customer name was just not updated accidentally.

Instead, create a proper Excel pricing calculation and then use SlideFab to create customer-specific offers and price lists within seconds. This does not only save time, it helps to reduce errors as well. If your sales agents get more time freed up for more customer interaction, it's not hard to see that this is a perfect win-win situation.


Personalized Brochures, Name Cards, etc.

SlideFab can be used to create custom-tailored time tables for event participantsAre you hosting an event expecting a few dozen or even more honorable attendees? In order to express appreciation for these people and also to make their lives easier, having personalized materials will look great. Therefore, Powerpoint will be a great start as your corporate identity ensures a professional look. But how to get all the person-specifics in?

This is what SlideFab can be used for: It will become easy to automate filling in personalized information into the slides. This personalization can range from attendee names and portraits on the cover sheet over individual schedules up to personal recommendations on whom to talk to. Whatever kind of personalization is created in Excel, SlideFab will bring it to Powerpoint - automatically.



Fact-based supplier negotiation slide decks

SlideFab can be used to create fact-based negotiation presentations automatically

Did some of your suppliers raise prices, recently? Well, maybe they just figured out that this might stay under the radar. Some of those might get through with this and they might try it next year again. Indeed, negotiating with suppliers is a time-consuming task where preparation is key.

This is where SlideFab comes into play. It is able to fabricate custom-tailored fact-based negotiation presentations on a per supplier basis with unique story flows. Define dynamic titles, messages and claims with Excel formulas based on the suppliers' performances to actively leverage your demand power. This raises sourcing efficiency and effectivity at the same time ultimately leading to better conditions.




These use-cases might seem arbitrary. Indeed, they are. But most people working with Excel and Powerpoint will find their own use-cases. And harvesting the benefits from automation does not need to be expensive. Indeed, SlideFab 2 lite is available for free. It comes with all features of SlideFab 2 and it is still capable of automatically creating hundreds of slides within minutes.