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Service and training for using SlideFab effectively

In a nutshell: We offer the service and the training to ensure your success at mass producing PowerPoint slides using SlideFab. If this makes sense for you, let’s discuss your project.

Lack of time or resources for using SlideFab yourself? We can help!

There is always a good reason to ask for help, also when using SlideFab. For example, in situations where the Excel landscape is complicated, or the required PowerPoint template slide is not so straight forward to create, or when there is just no spare resource available to build a robust and re-usable automation workflow. And if you need help, we will provide the service you require.

Get hands-on advice on how SlideFab can automate your project? We can show you!

There are plenty of resources to learn how to use SlideFab, e.g. the documentation or the blog. But for you this might be all grey theory in comparison to your own thrilling project. Indeed, supporting our clients by jointly building up the Excel workbook and the PowerPoint presentation makes a lot of sense. First of all, you will learn how to create SlideFab automations yourself including lots of tricks. Secondly, you will make sure that after the training your required automation works.

The process to request our service or training is as follows

All the projects we have delivered so far were unique. But the way they start is comparable. So we suggest the following steps:

Step 1: Define Requirements

To start, please reach out to us and describe what you are planning to do, e.g. automating reporting, creating survey evaluations, individualising score cards.

Having a joint session with screen sharing is what often works best to discuss your needs.

Step 2: Commercial details

Then we discuss commercial details on what pricing logic makes sense, e.g. by the hour for training sessions or a fixed sum for a whole project.

This is also the time for you to utter any special requirements regarding confidentiality, e.g. NDAs to being signed. But even without this we respect German / European law and keep your data private and protected.

Step 3: Start

Once everything is set up, we can start. Depending on the agreement, it is possible that we will be on premise or work remotely.

Of course, if your requirements change, the direction will be adapted accordingly.

The service we provide covers foremost the following areas related to SlideFab based automation

Based on our experience and strengths, the service and training we provide covers the four areas below:

1) SlideFab setup

We can provide a robust setup of a SlideFab project to ensure automation quality and maintainability.

As SlideFab builds upon an Excel workbook and a PowerPoint template, it is highly important to get them right.

2) Excel modelling

We build Excel models to bring data into structure.

A winning Excel workbook needs to have certain characteristics apart from being correct in the first place: It needs to be friendly to the user, to calculate swiftly, to handle updates with new data bravely.

To run an automation the underlying Excel workbook needs to be outstandingly great. This is what we deliver.

3) PowerPoint templating

We create PowerPoint slides and presentations as template for the automation.

Creating PowerPoint slides at very high quality and precision is key here. In particular, the automation outcome has to look awesome. Not always easy to achieve but definitely the goal.

4) VBA coding

In case that the functionality of Excel or PowerPoint would benefit from custom VBA code, we can provide this as well. On the lower end of the scale: Simple data preparation tasks. On the upper end: Mighty ribbon-based applications.

Beyond these areas there is more what we can offer, e.g. SQL development, Outlook automation, SAP interfacing, etc. However, all these specialties are in most cases not within the main focus of PowerPoint slide automation.

Service and training pricing

The service we provide won’t have the lowest price ticket. But regarding the top-notch quality we deliver, pricing will be fair. As our ambition is to build up something reusable (unless the project is truly a one-off effort), the price per created slide will steadily decrease over time.

As we are not off-shoring the work to a low-cost country, you can expect quality Made in Germany / Switzerland.