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More functions than you will probably need

SlideFab automates them all

Any special requirements for automation? Well, SlideFab knows them all: It can take a screenshot from Excel, import image files dynamically, fill and conditionally color text boxes and tables based on Excel ranges and so on. When you click a Powerpoint shape, it provides compatible export options. All you need to do is to select the Excel range containing the desired content.

As intelligent as you like

When SlideFab links Powerpoint with Excel, it is automatically utilizing named ranges and Excel tables if possible. This gives the automation settings an extra level of robustness to further Excel changes down the road.

Here are some key things which SlideFab 2 can do for you

Flexible iteration loops

SlideFab can iterate over a given range and create slides through out each round

Slide repetition

When one slide is not enough, SlideFab can create multiple copies


SlideFab can sort output slides based on Excel formula values

Export Modes

SlideFab can export texts or tables, copy screenshots, chartsthink-cell charts etc. from Excel to Powerpoint

File decomposition

SlideFab can save the slides of each iteration loop round into separate files


SlideFab can automatically create segments between iteration loop slides

Conditional exclusion

SlideFab can apply conditions based on Excel formula to leave out undesired content

Intelligent referencing

SlideFab uses Excel named ranges and tables to robustly reference ranges

Helpful referencing

SlideFab offers autocomplete to quickly refer to named ranges and table columns

Ignore hidden slides

SlideFab can optionally exclude hidden slides during slide making

VBA call support

SlideFab can execute custom VBA code in Excel if desired

Practical window alignment

SlideFab aligns Excel next to Powerpoint for easier setup


SlideFab is available in English and German (at this time)

Insightful output preview

While making slides, SlideFab previews how the output will look like

Vigilant checks

SlideFab checks user input for correctness to alert mistakes early

Focused on UX

SlideFab was built for great user experience. Simple processes on top of helpful user interfaces