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Screenshot Export Mode

Copying a screenshot of an Excel range to PowerPoint is exactly what this export mode does.

What it does

Export Mode Screenshot Preferences

SlideFab will copy a screenshot from the provided Excel range to PowerPoint as picture. Whatever is visible in the screenshot (also the Excel gridlines) will be visible.

Additionally, it is possible to use the resizing and alignment features of SlideFab. It is possible to keep the aspect ratio, fit the screenshot to the target shape and to tie it vertically/horizontally to the target shape height/width. If it is not fitted to the target shape, then it can be horizontally and vertically aligned to the edges of the target shape.

What it expects from Excel

Basically, SlideFab does not expect anything here. Apart from the fact the provided Excel Source Range is valid.

Export Mode Screenshot Excel Source

SlideFab 2 Manual Outline