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Plain Text Export Mode

When it comes to writing texts or numbers from Excel to PowerPoint with SlideFab, the Plain Text Export Mode is the way to go.

What it does

Export Mode Plain Text Settings

SlideFab will take the content from the referenced cell and write it into the target shape within PowerPoint. The target shape can be any kind of shape, e.g. a rectangle. SlideFab will use the number formatting from Excel and keep the PowerPoint target style (e.g. color, border, font size).

If the Excel Source Range has a conditional format applied, SlideFab will apply the elements from the conditional format to the target shape. For example, when the conditional format in Excel only affects the background color, then the foreground color of the PowerPoint shape remains unchanged.

What it expects from Excel

The requirements in Excel for the Plain Text Export Mode are rather limited: The PowerPoint shape needs to be connected to some cell in Excel. This cell may contain a formula which makes it content very flexible. Also conditional formats and number formats are supported.

Export Mode Plain Text Excel Source Example

SlideFab 2 Manual Outline