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Using Linked Charts to automatically create Excel-powered Powerpoint slides faster than ever

Automatically creating more than 200 Powerpoint slides with dynamic title and chart in 5 minutes for free? Learn how this works using SlideFab 2 LITE with linked charts in this blog post.

In this video the new Linked Chart Export Mode of SlideFab 2 v1.5 will be shown. The new version allows it copy a chart in Excel, paste it as link to Powerpoint. While creating the slides SlideFab 2 update this chart and cuts the link such that each charts contains the right data. This is a more convenient and faster approach than the existing one which updates the chart data in Powerpoint without linked chart.

The data used in this example originates from the World Bank: Proportion of seats held by women in national parliaments (%)  by year and country. This data should be representative for many other data sets: Categorized numerical time series data where for each category a chart is required.

In this example one slide will be created per country. Each slide will be about one country and contain a chart by year and a shape with the country name.

Here you will also find the Excel workbook and Powerpoint presentation file as download, which can be tried out with SlideFab 2 right away. These files are prepared already, containing formulas and settings as shown in the video.