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Case Study: Benchmarking reports for the participating companies of the initiative Digital@EVU

Client industry: Consulting / utilities

Type of engagement: Provision of SlideFab, technical support

Objective: The automatic creation of tailor-made benchmarking evaluations for the participating companies of the Digital@EVU initiative


In order to give energy suppliers transparency and feedback on their digitization progress, BDEW German Association of Energy and Water Industries, VSE Association of Swiss Electricity Companies, Kearney and IMP³ROVE carry out regular comparative analyzes. The analyzes and comparisons created within the scope of this project are to be made available to the participants as a presentation. In particular, each company should see how its own assessment compares to the competition and what potential for improvement there is.


Due to the large number of participants of over 100 companies per year in 2020 and 2019 and over 40 slides each, manual creation of individual evaluations is not an option. Both the time spent and the risk of manual errors should be avoided. Even the one-time programming of macros is not economical due to the evaluations that change over time.


The team used SlideFab to generate the reports automatically. To do this, they exported the data collected from the online survey and transferred it to Excel. The individual analyzes were structured into 7 subject areas as well as additional in-depth topics. A comprehensive PowerPoint template was developed and linked to SlideFab. Different SlideFab output modes were used for the evaluation, e.g. for writing texts in forms or updating the diagram data in PowerPoint. The conditional deletion was used to leave the correct form for highlighting special features depending on the data situation and to remove forms that are not required. In order to generate the output presentations as quickly as possible, SlideFab was used in parallel on several notebooks.


Over 100 automatically generated presentations could be created within a few days after appropriate preparation and pre-structuring.

Disclaimer: SlideFab supports the Initiative Digital@EVU by providing the software for free.

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