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Version 4.0 available. Dynamic Array Formula support and bug fixes

SlideFab 2 version 4.0 brings support of Dynamic Array Formulas when referencing the Excel worksheet. Referencing to ranges (with # at the end) using these new formulas is really helpful when the size of the referenced range might change.

In comparison to the old Excel approaches using named ranges with offset function, this is a true game changer: Dynamic Array Formulas allow complex operations with less effort and a smarter handling of ranges. Dragging formulas will be reduced to a minimum. Hard-coding values where otherwise only formulas are used, will lead to a #SPILL error.

Apart from that this new version incorporates a couple of bug fixes and smaller improvements.

Bugfixes / Improvements in version 4.0:

  1. Added a feature to apply more detailed text formats (e.g. different font types in one cell) when text is written to shapes or chart title based on a per-character approach. SlideFab detects such advanced text formats automatically. This feature does not need to be enabled manually.
  2. Removed wipe-out of formats in embedded charts worksheets for better number format handling.
  3. Various smaller changes and improvements in the code increase the performance and robustness of SlideFab.

This new version is available at the download page. Already installed SlideFab updates automatically.

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