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Version 6.0 available. New “focus changes” feature for waterfall charts. Some bug fixes

SlideFab 2 version 6.0 adds a small new feature to Excel/PowerPoint waterfall charts and also brings a few bug fixes.

The waterfall “focus changes” feature when using the PowerPoint Chart Export Mode helps to make smaller changes more visible without having to adapt the y-axis manually. It makes sense when the totals are so huge in comparison to the changes that the changes will be merely visible as flat lines only. This feature determines the maximum and minimum values of the waterfall and then adapts starting and end point of the y-axis. It works like like zooming in on the changes.

Screenshot showing the focus tickbox in the Slide Linking side pane of SlideFab to enable waterfall chart focus feature
The focus changes feature becomes available when a waterfall chart is activated within PowerPoint.

Screenshot showing the result of two identical waterfall charts, where one with the focus feature enabled and one having it disabled
This screenshot shows the outcome of the same waterfall chart. On the left side the feature is disabled and the y-axis starts at 0. On the right side the feature is enabled. It determines the y-axis start at 11,700 in order to make the changes more legible.

Bugfixes in version 6.0:

  1. Excel Chart Export Mode did not work with bubble charts
  2. Now settings are stored in a different folder which is independent from PowerPoint version numbers. This will avoid the need to re-enter the license key from time to time
  3. SlideFab will put the slide making window back to the front of screen, when it got covered with the Excel window while creating slides

This new version is available at the download page. Already installed SlideFab updates automatically.

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