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Version 3.1 available now

SlideFab 2 version 3.1 is available now. It brings a few bug fixes to improve performance and stability.

What’s new in SlideFab 2 version 3.1

Bug fixes
  • Removed a superfluous saving of temporary PowerPoint presentations while making charts. The change reduces the probability of errors and slightly improves slide making performance.
  • Removed a bug when using the Excel Chart Export Mode for Pivot Charts.
  • SlideFab reported errors when other COM Add-Ins in PowerPoint could not be enabled/disabled during slide making. These kind of messages were demoted to a warning instead.
  • Fixed a small glitch in the Slide Linking Panel which led an icon look a little bit distorted
  • The file System.IO.Compression.dll was removed from the installer files to not interfere with existing versions on the computer following a Microsoft guideline.

This version is of course virus free. A few false positive detections for the automatic installer (e.g. from Symantec) were double-checked and confirmed harmless, c.f.

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