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Putting conditional traffic lights on PowerPoint slides controlled through an Excel model

This is a preview of the traffic lights explanatory video

Putting traffic lights showing either red, yellow or green is an important feature for creating many kinds of slides, e.g. flash reports. Something like this can be done with SlideFab 2 easily. Watch the video to learn it.

This video shows how the Excel workbook and the PowerPoint template slide have to be built to create a traffic lights automation with SlideFab 2. It is a very detailed video explaining the principles and the necessary steps. Of course, nobody wants such a slide but knowing how to use the Shape Condition feature is a valuable set when working with SlideFab.

It works by

  1. Creating a Powerpoint presentation template containing the red, yellow and green traffic light signals
  2. Setting up the Excel model deciding which signal is shown
  3. Linking the red, yellow and green shape using the Shape Condition functionality
  4. Setting up the iteration loop for creating one slide for red, yellow and green
  5. Starting the slide automation to create the traffic light slides automatically.

In this example one slide will be created per traffic light setting.

Here you will also find the Excel workbook and Powerpoint presentation file as download. These can be tried out with SlideFab 2 right away. All files are prepared already. They contain the formulas and the SlideFab 2 settings as created throughout the video.

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