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New SlydMkr v1.6 available now

UPDATE: SlideFab 2 is now available with groundbreaking changes. The text below is deprecated.


This new SlydMkr release version 1.6 contains several bug fixes and performance improvements. In this rather small update there are two key novelties worth mentioning: a) When exporting to tables, there is a new option to eliminate empty rows. This is really helpful to fit the table to the data. b) When exporting formatted text or table SlydMkr now supports Conditional Formats from Excel and colors shapes or table cells accordingly. This makes it easy to create dashboards without having to use the SlydMkr screenshot function (aka Picture export mode).

What's new in SlydMkr 1.6

Bugfixes / Changes:

  • Fixed an issue when FitShapeToText led to a false positioning
  • Smaller bugfixes and improvements for the table exporting mode
  • The decomposition into multiple files received a significant speed improvement
  • Fixed missing horizontal and vertical alignments of text in freshly created Powerpoint tables
  • Fixed an issue where the progress bar was running too fast to 100% due to shapes without source range
  • When creating presentations and slides an independent progress bar replaced the one embedded into the main window
  • Several changes to the underlying threading implementation for a more robust slide making process


  • Support of conditional formats when exporting texts, formatted texts and tables
  • When exporting tables there is a new option to remove empty row


New SlydMkr v1.5 available now

UPDATE: SlideFab 2 is now available with groundbreaking changes. The text below is deprecated.


With the release of SlydMkr 1.5 a significant set of changes will be introduced. Apart from a number of bugfixes a small number of nice but useful features will be added to SlydMkr.

So far slides coming from a template presentation (e.g. an empty company presentation with corporate identity) in SlydMkr had the name Powerpoint gave them, e.g. Slide1, Slide2, Slide3. This was OK but when the the order changed or slides were deleted, the naming got a little awkward. SlydMkr 1.5 contains a Powerpoint add-in which allows to rename slides (and shapes as well) within Powerpoint. This will make it much easier to handle the slides originating from a template presentation.


Another novelty is that SlydMkr 1.5 can handle changes in the template presentation itself. For example, when new slides are added to the template presentation in Powerpoint, SlydMkr 1.5 will identify these slides and add them to the already known set of slides. The old behavior of just re-importing everything is deprecated. For the already imported slides, SlydMkr 1.5 offers something new as well. For example, when a shape is repositioned within the template presentation then SlydMkr 1.5 can update the coordination without losing the automation settings  (content source range, content condition, etc.).


These new features of naming slides directly in Powerpoint and the template presentation reload/update feature improve the process of setting up SlydMkr tremendously. 


What's new in SlydMkr 1.5

Bugfixes / Changes:

  • Corrected an issue with Umlaut symbols when saving settings
  • Added XML file type text when saving settings file
  • Corrected an issue when font resizing led to an Excel freeze
  • Corrected an issue when making slides led to an Excel crash
  • Making slides process will be resumed if a valid license is provided upon missing license request
  • Various other minor bugs were fixed


  • Support of multiple Powerpoint themes and layouts coming from the template presentation file
  • Re-importing template presentations and handling existing slides
  • Powerpoint add-in to name slides and shapes

Mass production of think-cell charts using SlydMkr for the Sales Chart Example

UPDATE: SlideFab 2 is now available with groundbreaking changes. The text below is deprecated.


In 2017 the famous Powerpoint add-in think-cell will celebrate its 15th anniversary. Even though plenty of great visualization (and also data investigation) tools such as Tableau and Qlikview have emerged since then, it cannot be denied that think-cell is the gold standard when it comes to creating charts in Powerpoint presentations. think-cell is easy to use and creates pretty, polished charts.

However, when it comes to creating many think-cell charts, the task is not so easy. Using the data-link function to connect Powerpoint with Excel is helpful for sure, but it can become quite hard to maintain in complex situations when there are multiple presentation versions with multiple think-cell charts. Also implementing custom VBA code to create think-cell charts automatically can become quite challenging.

This is where SlydMkr will come into play: This tutorial is about think-cell chart mass production. It will be shown how SlydMkr can be used to create think-cell charts automatically. As this approach does not involve any coding, it is very easy to set up. The "trick" is that the think-cell charts are defined as usual in Powerpoint, while the data range will be defined in the Excel model. But instead of using the well-known data-link mentioned above, SlydMkr will take care of business: While creating the slides, the think-cell charts will be updated with right data automatically.

Creating 1000 Powerpoint slides in 10 minutes easily using SlydMkr Wizard for the Excel Name Card Example

UPDATE: SlideFab 2 is now available with groundbreaking changes. The text below is deprecated.


This tutorial will show how to use the SlydMkr Wizard in order to create Powerpoint slides for a simple Excel model using a Powerpoint template file.

This example is about a very common task: There is a table of items and for each row a separate slide shall be created. In this example the table contains participant information, e.g. name, age, company, etc.. The desired output is a name card for each person where this information is printed nicely. To make things a littler more entertaining there is also a person specific company logo which needs to be put on the name card. And on top of this, the example shows how a conditionally formatted cell can be used to have different name card background colors for people at different ages.

Creating Powerpoint slides automatically for the Excel Power Function Example using SlydMkr

UPDATE: SlideFab 2 is now available with groundbreaking changes. The text below is deprecated.


In this tutorial you will get a quick overview on how to use SlydMkr. It will be shown how a Powerpoint presentation will be created from a rather simple Excel model automatically.

This example is featuring an Excel model with a data table and a function plot for the power function f(x) = x^i. SlydMkr will be setup such that different values i will be looped and for each value i a slide will be created. Therefor a slide template with the following shapes will be created.

  • Header logo: A picture will be copied from Excel to Powerpoint
  • Title and Subtitle: Two text boxes which will be created and formatted in Powerpoint 
  • Table: A table will be created and formatted in Powerpoint
  • Chart:  The Excel chart will be converted to a picture and copied from Excel to Powerpoint