Creating Powerpoint slides automatically for the Excel Power Function Example using SlydMkr

UPDATE: SlideFab 2 is now available with groundbreaking changes. The text below is deprecated.


In this tutorial you will get a quick overview on how to use SlydMkr. It will be shown how a Powerpoint presentation will be created from a rather simple Excel model automatically.

This example is featuring an Excel model with a data table and a function plot for the power function f(x) = x^i. SlydMkr will be setup such that different values i will be looped and for each value i a slide will be created. Therefor a slide template with the following shapes will be created.

  • Header logo: A picture will be copied from Excel to Powerpoint
  • Title and Subtitle: Two text boxes which will be created and formatted in Powerpoint 
  • Table: A table will be created and formatted in Powerpoint
  • Chart:  The Excel chart will be converted to a picture and copied from Excel to Powerpoint